• Docks – A massive district, wrapping around the western and southern edges of the city. Handles all incoming and outgoing cargo & passengers, as well as ship-building, fishing, whaling & storage (large swathes of the district are used mostly for storage)
  • The Grand Bazaar – The true heart of the city, located centrally to the Southwest, abutting the Docks, the Grand Bazaar attracts people from far and wide to commit in free enterprise. From the lowly Fishmonger hawking his wares to passersby, to the sly merchant-princes meeting in hazy smoking dens, the Grand Bazaar most likely has what you are looking for. The Grand Bazaar is the heart of trade in Din, which is itself the largest nexus of trade between all Spokes of the Grand Gyre.
  • Temple Quarter – For those of a more spiritual and less material bend, the small Temple Quarter sits on the Eastern edge of the city, North of the Troughs. While many of the priests and clergy of the temples claim to serve all in the city, those who make the largest donations are usually served first, best, and longest.
  • The Troughs – A large and sprawling ghetto that extends beyond the cities walls on the East side of the city. The poor and middle class collide and try to make a living in this slum, despite their vast difference and limited space.
  • The Grotto – A massive parkland, designated to be free for all. Heavily patrolled by members of the Queen’s Guard on the Northern side of the Rambla, to prevent vagrants & beggars from bothering the wealthier patrons of the park. The Southern side is known to be rougher by its close association with the Troughs. As a result, it is gardened and patrolled less frequently, lending a less manicured and wilder look than it’s Northern half. Used as the main entrance to the city and a major nexus that can be used to reach almost any other district.
  • Nobles Quarter – Where the rich and wealthy live. Although given the vast sum of self-made merchants living here, the name is a bit of a misnomer. Likewise the quarter has become used for more than just residence – places of learning, centers of governance (that don’t fit, or belong, in the palace) have also started cropping up in this safe & well-patrolled district.

Interesting Places

  • The Palace – A large and opulent palace, with multiple domed towers, along with a large and impressive entry-gate. Located in the Nobles Quarter
  • Rambla-Din – A massive causeway leading from the North Gate to the Open Market of the Grand Bazaar, cutting straight through the Grotto and dividing it cleanly in half. Benches, lamps, fountains, and beautiful tiling make this promenade, according to many, the most beautiful in the world. Celebrations, carnivals, and events of all sorts are held along the Rambla, although it also supports a thriving industry of chickanery, theft, and grifting. Tourists should carefully watch their coinpurses, and be wary of “orphans” offering tours of the Grotto.
  • The Royal Library – Located in the Nobles Quarter, the Royal Library is a collection of many scholarly texts and scrolls. While it isn’t the most comprehensive library in the world, it contains many unique texts recovered from the Fallen Empire of Neruth, making it the sole authority for those seeking information about this ancient place.



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